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KOJIMA collection 2019

Have you heard about Okayama, Kurashiki, Kojima, all those names?? of course you know, this is the world famous Location for Denim Industry in Japan. I used to stay there for around 3 years and, supporting those local japanese brand to Global last 7 years.

This article is talking about one of the project i'm working collaborate with local government in Okayama. They are trying to catch more tourism into that local area and, want to promote its as historical & beautiful city. It is the 3rd time this year for me with them, and this project help you to explore much more about Denim, & Okayama. Last year 2018, We had 3 groups of buyers in 2018, from Russia, China & Malaysia who are running retail store at their countries.

WHAT WE DO? We spend a day for Factory Tour, visited Jeans Museum, Fabric Mills, Jeans Street too. The brands who are interested in showing their own collection gather into showcase , and we spend whole the day for meeting with each brand. WHAT BRAND WE WORK? Please check the bellow as list, we work on this project with brand HeadOffice located in Kurashiki City. BRANDS LIST WHEN DOES IT HAPPEN? We can invite you guys from September to March 2020. Normally, Denim buyers visiting Tokyo for new collection as time as CC SHOW there. Just say October & March is easy to organize our project. HOW TO APPLY? Please follow application form APPLY HERE or Please send me email to : We are looking forward to hearing from you


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